About Us

Figg is dedicated to providing premium fabric, flattering designs, and exceptional fit for the strong and vibrant woman on the go. We provide luxurious activewear that embraces an active lifestyle, relaxed living, and the feminine spirit.

Founder and designer Ashley Ackerman has experience in clothing and manufacturing that goes back 3 generations of women’s wear. Before starting Figg, Ashley worked within the retail activewear industry for 7 years. As she listened to instructors and customer feedback on various styles and brands of activewear, there were consistent, very valuable requests. The need to create a fitness line that provided a premium fabric, will hold up through intense workouts, stay up around the waist, and not be see through during your down-dog! Figg continues our journey as we strive to inspire dedication to an active and healthy life in style and comfort.

We value the feedback of fitness instructors and our customers to Our mission is to share our love of fabric and design, creating lasting relationships, and implementing the invaluable mindset of love, community,loyalty, and dedication in the modern world today.

“A better you and a better world begins within.” -Figg Philosophy